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Locanda Bellevue

Excursions and trekking

Explore the most beautiful trails around Pré-Saint-Didier!

Choosing to discover the peaks of the Aosta Valley one step at a time is certainly the best way to experience the alpine atmosphere and enjoy the spectacle offered by these mountains.


It would be impossible to list all the trails and itineraries of the western Alps in this page, so we will simply offer some indications and suggestions to help you start planning your holiday in Pré Saint Didier.

Locanda Bellevue

You can’t miss the walk to the Gola dell'Orrido, starting from the ancient bridge on the Dora Verney: a simple walk, well suited for everyone and surrounded by the nature of the local woods. Here, you will find a breath-taking gem, the cantilevered panoramic footbridge at a height of 160 meters, offering a one-of-a-kind view of the Mont Blanc.


Setting off from Torrent, a small hamlet of Pré Saint Didier, a medium-level trail extends for approximately 7 km and will lead you to Mont Crammont, where the elevated position in relation to the Mont Blanc will allow you to enjoy a privileged point of observation on the eighth wonder of the world.


If you set off from the center of Prè and walk through the dense softwoods, you will reach the old farm trail. This itinerary, also crossing onto a series of mountain paths, will take you to Lake de la Youla. From here, a series of hairpin bends climb back up the slope to Col d'Arp. This is an 8-km trail, covering a difference of altitude of 1240 meters.

Locanda Bellevue
Locanda Bellevue

Fun for adults and children!


Just 4 km away from the Locanda Bellevue, adrenaline and entertainment go hand in hand in the Mont Blanc Adventure Park!


Here, adults and children can have fun on recreational-sport itineraries developing up to 20 meters of height, suspended between adult pine trees with a splendid view on the Mont Blanc range.


A system of suspended bridges, hanging ladders and creepers will allow you to move from one tree to the next in total safety, supported by technical harness equipment.

Locanda Bellevue

Let us advise you, we’ll take good care of your holiday!

  • Footbridge on the Orrido di Verney

  • Lake D’Arpy - Morgex

    A fable-like water surface looking onto the Mont Blanc

  • Rutor Waterfalls

    Bound to take your breath away

  • Mont Crammont

    A magnificent panoramic spot for observing the Mont Blanc

Basic info:

Starting point altitude: m 1029

Destination altitude: m 1209

Difference in altitude: 180 m

Average incline: 15%

Climb duration: approx. 40 minutes

Descent duration: approx. 15 minutes

Suitable for: everyone

The name hardly does justice to the actual beauty of this enchanting location.  The trail starts in Pré Saint Didier and proceeds into the nature of the Dora Verney.  Suspended over a 160-meter drop and built entirely in reinforced concrete, we are speaking of a gem of engineering. Up here, the view is so suggestive that it will astound you. 

You will enjoy a new thrill and an incomparable view of the Mont Blanc and of the Pré-Saint-Didier Valley featuring Champex, Palleusieux and Verrand, as well as a breath-taking view on the Orrido Waterfall and the thermal spring cave.

This excursion is suitable for all, even less experienced walkers, and can be tackled with comfortable sneakers.

How to get there:

There are 2 ways to reach this marvelous spot. You can climb the trail from Pré-Saint-Didier, passing next to the famous thermal baths and through a wood featuring trail markers, or you can drive 3 km along State Road 26 towards La Thuile, turn right after the first tunnel and leave your car in a free car park in the town of Plan du Bois (also home to the Mont Blanc Adventure Park). From here, you need to walk along a moderately flat dirt road for ten minutes and you will find yourself in front of the footbridge.

Basic info

Difficulty level: T - Touring, very easy even with sneakers ;) 

Recommended period: from 01/06 to 31/10

Starting point: Col Saint-Charles (1858 m)

Destination: Lac d'Arpy (2071 m)

Difference in altitude: 228 m

Length: 3,138 m

Climb duration: 1h10

Marker: 15

Suitable for: everyone

In the municipality of Morgex, just a few minutes away from Pre Saint Didier, you will find Lake D’Arpy, a glacial water surface set in a fabulous alpine context. It only takes a 45-minute walk through the green woods of the Upper Aosta Valley to reach this fascinating lake, at an altitude of 2,066 m between Mount Charvel, the Becca Pougnenta and Mount Colmet. 

Its waters, which vary in color from green to light blue, are home to a rare amphibian species, the alpine triton. If you’re lucky, you will even catch sight of a specimen! Lake D’Arpy is ideal for a quiet walk, suitable for everyone. 

And if you love cycling, coming here with a mountain bike will be a thrilling experience. The effort to get here will be fully rewarded once you see the splendid lake and the fantastic view of the Mont Blanc from this spot.

How to get there:

After reaching Morgex by car, take the road climbing towards the S. Carlo Pass. Once you get there, park your car near the restaurant-bar "Genzianella". Set off from the "Genzianella" on the trail towards Lake d'Arpy and the Red Stone Lake. The trail towards Lake d'Arpy is easy to walk, gravelly and very wide.

Starting point: La Joux

Type of trail: on foot

Recommended period: from 01/06 to 31/10

Difference in altitude: + 850 meters

Destination: Deffeyes Refuge

Climb duration: 3 hours

Difficulty level: E – Excursionist, for moderately trained walkers ;) 

The Rutor Waterfalls are one of the most suggestive corners of the Aosta Valley. They are borne of a torrent fed by numerous lakes near the Rutor glacier, the sixth most important glacier in Italy, which also gives its name to the falls.

To admire this beautiful place, you can take a trail from La Joux (1,603 m), approximately 3 Km away from La Thuile, to the third waterfall (1,996 m). We recommend descending on the new 150th Anniversary path along the left orographic side of the Dora.

How to get there:

Set off from the La Joux farmhouses on the old mule track crossing the softwoods. After 20 minutes, you will reach the spectacular observation point on the first waterfall, at an altitude of 1,700 m; from here, we recommend taking a small detour towards the thrilling bridge where you can admire the waterfall from above.

Next, proceed into the woods until you reach the Parcet Mountain Hut (1,772 m), after traversing a bucolic meadow near the stream; continue climbing on the trail – which is paved in some segments – up to the right turn towards the second waterfall, at an altitude of 1,850 m. Just a few more hairpin bends and you will be able to admire the third waterfall, on your right hand side; this fall can be crossed thanks to a new bridge offering a breathtaking view on the two drops below. Nearby, you will find a crossroads directing you either to the Deffeyes Refuge (2.494 m) or to a rightwards detour towards the Lakes of Bellacomba.

Alternatively, after crossing the new metal bridge on the 3rd waterfall, you can immediately start descending towards La Joux along the new trails inaugurated last year on the left orographic side of the Dora (known as the 150th Anniversary Trail).

Difficulty level: E – Excursionist, for moderately trained walkers ;) 

Recommended period: from 01/06 to 31/10

Starting point: Elévaz (1354 m)

Destination: Mont-Crammont (2736 m)

Difference in altitude: 1,392 m

Length: 7.019 m

Climb duration: 4h25

Markers: 3 - 6

Mont Crammont is located above the town of Pré St. Didier and is one of the most spectacular and renowned up-close views on the splendor of the Mont Blanc range. 

This itinerary combines panoramic spectacle with historical interest: due to its elevated and central position in relation to the Mont Blanc, the peak of Mont-Crammont has indeed been a reference point for the most significant naturalistic studies performed on the southern side of the Roof of Europe.

How to get there:

First, you need to reach Torrent, a hamlet in the municipality of Pré-Saint-Didier, by taking the right turn towards La Thuile on State Road 26 near the village of Elévaz. From here, take itinerary n. 3 out of the village and up to a crossroads. Turn left and climb to Quiedroz. The trail continues, crossing an old farm road in various points, up to Chanton and, slightly further up, joins the left side trail towards Mialay. From here, follow the farm road to the Plan Praz alp until, after a few hairpin bends, you once again meet itinerary n. 3 on your right during a leftwards bend. The itinerary climbs towards Mont-de-Nona. Turn left here, and climb the grassy slope to the summit of Mont-Crammont.


Let the marvelous panoramic trails, typical refuges and fabulous variety of landscapes in the heart of the Aosta Valley enchant you!

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Excursions and trekking

Explore the most beautiful trails around Pré-Saint-Didier!

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f) i dati personali sono stati raccolti relativamente all'offerta di servizi della società dell'informazione di cui all'articolo 8, paragrafo 1 del Reg. UE 2016/679
Diritto di cui all’ art. 18 Diritto di limitazione di trattamento

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Diritto di cui all’art. 20 Diritto alla portabilità dei dati

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11) Contatti

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Il Titolare del Trattamento si riserva il diritto di apportare modifiche alla presente privacy policy in qualunque momento dandone pubblicità agli Utenti su questa pagina. Si prega dunque di consultare spesso questa pagina. Nel caso di mancata accettazione delle modifiche apportate alla presente privacy policy.


Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
Let’s start with what cookies are

A cookie is a small text file (just a few bytes) that is exchanged between an internet site and your browser, and is normally used by the website operator to memorize the info needed to improve navigation within the website.
BRUNOVA S.R.L., in its quality of Owner of the treatment of your personal data, manages cookies in compliance with the 2002/58/EC Directive issued by the European Parliament and the 12th July 2002 Council concerning the treatment of personal data and the protection of privacy in the sector of electronic communications (privacy and electronic communications directive), for the following treatment purposes:

The following types of cookies are present to allow navigation on the internet site:

• Technical cookies: technical and Functional access to the Website (no data is held after the Browser is shut down);
• Session cookies: for purposes relating to evolved navigation or customized content management;
• Analytic cookies: for purposes relating to navigation and users Statistics and Analytics

Treatment of functional data for the above purposes is necessary for a correct navigation of the website, and the conferral of the data is necessary and mandatory for the purposes indicated above. Failure to acquire this data may make it impossible to navigate the website.
• Third party advertising cookies (no profiling)

These cookies can exchange information and trace the navigation of the user registered for one of the present services. The procedure for de-activating these cookies is indicated below, plus they can be de-activated via each single link.
Treatment methods: your personal data may be processed by electronic calculators, via the use of software systems both managed by Third parties and programmed directly by the owner. The treatment for statistic and analytic purposes takes place in temporary and Anonymous Form; the eventual treatment of data with third party cookies takes place as described in the privacy policy and cookie policy detailed below.

Your data will be treated only by staff explicitly authorized by the Owner and/or designated subject and, in particular, by the following categories of appointed subjects:

• Designated web technicians;
• Recipients in provider firms appointed to manage technical services;

Diffusion: Your personal data will not be disseminated in any way.

Cookie management and deactivation:

Should you have any doubts or concerns regarding the use of cookies, you can intervene in any moment to block their settings and processing, for example by changing the privacy settings of your Browser to block specific types of cookies.
Given that each browser – and often different versions of the same browser – is (sometimes significantly) different form others, if you prefer to operate independently via your browser preferences you can find detailed info on the necessary procedure in your browser guide. For an overview of operations on common browsers, you can visit the website
If you wish, advertising companies allow you to renounce the reception of targeted messages. This does not impede the cookies settings, but interrupts the use and collection of certain data by these companies. You can also de-activate each single cookie via the links listed in the “cookies table”.

For further info and the possibility to renounce the use of cookies, please visit